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What are the common terms used on WayBase?
The Church
The entire Christian movement, including all Christian traditions, congregations, organizations, and Christian individuals.
A church
A local congregation of Christians.
Christian organization or ministry
An organization with a specific focus of advancing the Christian faith but is not a local Christian congregation. These can have a specific focus on a particular community need (e.g. food bank), a particular population (e.g. youth), or a particular service (e.g. education).
A Christian leader that offers specific expertise (e.g. a therapist, counselor, speaker, author, podcaster, or artist.)
Any individual regardless of faith or background that finds the tools and resources of WayBase helpful to their work or life.
Global Challenges
A pervasive concern that requires a collaborative solution by a large number of governments, institutions, organizations, and individuals.
National Challenges
A concern that adversely impacts a large number of people in Canada and requires a collaborative solution by government, institutions, organizations, and many individuals.
City Priorities
An area of opportunity to significantly improve the quality of life for the people in that city. These priorities require the collaboration of government, institutions, businesses, organizations, and many individuals from the city.
Ongoing services that benefit people in a community.
Fully funded initiatives that are implemented over time to support the spiritual or social wellbeing of people in a community.
Any initiative, large or small, that improves the spiritual or social well-being of a city or community and requires the support of many organizations, churches, or individuals to be achieved.
WayBase causes
An officially endorsed and promoted cause that contributes to a long-term solution for a city priority. It has multiple collaborators and clearly defined measurable outcomes.
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