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Bringing the Church together to make a greater impact for good.
In 2018, we launched WayBase with a vision to enable Christian ministries and individuals to work together more effectively to improve people’s lives, communities, and the world. We started in Canada, and one day we will serve the whole world.
Our focus is to create an “impact network.” We do this by offering easy-to-use, data-powered digital tools, highlighting causes in local communities, supporting local events where leaders can collaborate together, measuring impact, and providing analytical insights.
Our team is made up of leaders and industry professionals with diverse backgrounds and significant experience in the Church, technology, and data science.
From the WayBase platform and Engage app to City Think Tanks, we are driven to equip organizations and individuals to work together more effectively for greater impact.
We are here to increase your impact as we work together with God to serve the world.
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