Join the Impact Network

What is the Impact Network?

The Impact Network is comprised of Christian leaders and individuals who use WayBase to increase their impact, both in their city and beyond.

WayBase provides for members*:
  • The Impact Console to identify their city’s needs and reveal new opportunities.
  • Cause Listings to collaborate and coordinate high impact initiatives in their city.
  • City think tanks to plan their efforts with other impact members.
  • City reports to track and communicate progress to community members and civic leaders.
  • And more...

* The items listed above are currently in development. Members will be able to access them when they are released.

Who can join the Impact Network?

The Impact Network is for all Christians interested in making a lasting difference for Jesus. This includes Church leaders, ministry leaders, marketplace Christians, and students.

Why should I join now?

Here are three reasons why we would like you to join now.

  • We do not sell any advertising so your membership subscription is what fuels our ability to continue development. For WayBase to be developed, we need your support. The features listed will be added in the coming months.
  • We need to know who supports this vision and can give us feedback to ensure it works well for all.
  • We want to start planning our first city think tanks. Once we have 50 members in a city we can begin preparations.

Which plan is best for me?

We hope every impact-minded leader and ministry will join the Impact Network. With that said, if you or your ministry can afford the Plus, we would appreciate you choosing the Plus membership to ensure WayBase is fully developed as we look to launch.

Yearly (save 17%)


Impact Member
Impact Member
Number of memberships to Impact Network
Number of invites to city think tank
Use impact console to see city needs
Collaborate on causes
Access impact training
Receive city impact reports
Access advanced tools on impact console
Early access to new features
Receive national impact reports
Accelerate WayBase development

* this is per ministry or household

Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned above.

Our plans are priced to allow as many as possible to join.