A Tool and Team for Your Mission

Better Data. More Partners. Greater Impact For Good.

Are you struggling with your mission?

Do you wish you could access more resources for your mission?
Is it hard to know where exactly you could make the biggest impact?
Is it a challenge to find new people to join you in your mission?
Do you feel like you aren’t seeing the results you want?
Do you struggle to explain the value of what you offer?
Do you have a hard time keeping up to change?

By becoming a member, you will access:

The Impact Network

Connect with other impact-minded people to discover new partners and opportunities. Attend City Think Tanks to learn about the greatest needs in your city and rally around causes to tackle these challenges.

The Impact Console

Access online tools that will resource you with the ministry and community data you need to make better decisions, collaborate for impact, and track the difference you and the collective Church are making.

The Impact Network connects you to:

Marketplace Leaders
Welfare Leaders
Church Planters
Passionate Individuals

The Impact Console enables you to:


Gain Insights on Your Neigborhood

With the Area Map you can select one or multiple neighborhoods and learn more about the people who live there and the Christian ministries that serve them.

View and Download Charts

Select an area and charts will automatically populate to represent the information you are looking for.

Plus Plan

Heat Map Areas of Greatest Need

With the heat mapping tool you can select a topic and see results on a map. Like the density of low-income households in Halifax shown here.

Join today and help build more tools…

The Hub

See announcements, available buildings, ministries opening or closing, new causes, and upcoming events in your area or network.

(Expected release: 2020)


Work together with other members to accomplish key causes that address needs in your area and track your progress and impact.

(Expected release: 2020)

Impact Reports

Create and download reports to update civic and community leaders on the contribution of the Christian sector to a city, region, or province.


Search for Christian events in your area. Members can plan their events by knowing when other events are happening.

"WayBase’s high-quality synthesis of ministry-relevant data should be part of your ministry toolkit."
Rick Hiemstra
The EFC, Director of Research

Become a Member

We hope every impact-minded leader and ministry will join the Impact Network. With that said, if you or your ministry can afford the Plus, we would appreciate you choosing the Plus membership to ensure WayBase is fully developed.
Yearly (save 17%)
Impact Member
Save $20 a year
Impact Member
Save $40 a year
Impact Network memberships*
Impact Network listings*
Use Impact Console to see city needs
Collaborate on Causes^
Receive city impact reports^
Half price city think tank registration
Access advanced reports and filters
Heat Maps for greater area insights
Receive national impact reports^
Accelerate WayBase development
* this is per ministry or household
^ coming soon
Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned above.
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Why Join Now?


Insights about your neighbors are waiting for you. WayBase offers the most powerful tool available to understand your community and the potential ministry partners around you.


Your front-line experience will help inform development. We are building what our members want. Joining now allows you to shape new tools to support your efforts.


Your membership ensures WayBase’s sustainability and the ability to add more features. We need the support of early adopters as we build out the full vision.


You will help ensure a city think tank is hosted in your area in Spring 2020. Our goal is to have 50 Impact Members in each city to make these think tanks possible.

Why is the WayBase Impact Network priced so low?

Data-driven business tools charge much higher rates because they focus on a select group of businesses who are willing to pay a premium for a competitive advantage.

Our vision is to build a platform that can help everyone work together, rather than compete against each other. We priced WayBase to make it easy for everyone to join. Join today to help ensure WayBase can continue to be offered to new members at this low cost.