Frequently Asked Questions

What data is included in a WayBase listing?

WayBase only presents publicly available data from the ministry’s official website, social media, or publicly accessible government data. Listings can be improved by a ministry who claims their own listing. Listings may also be improved by suggested corrections provided by users that in turn, are confirmed by the organization or one of their official websites. A listing claimed by its organization is verified with a badge.

Does WayBase sell advertising or sell its data to make a profit?

No, there is no advertising on WayBase and WayBase does not sell its data. WayBase is only sustained by the low-cost subscriptions of those organizations and individuals who participate in its Impact Network. WayBase is committed to a financial model that relies solely on the participation and investment of its members.

Is WayBase a charity, not-for-profit, or a for-profit business?

WayBase is a for-profit business for several important reasons. As a technology company, WayBase can access grants to support its development that are not available to charities or not-for-profits. It can more easily expand to other countries to serve the broader Christian sector. It can also act nimbly to respond to the rapid changes that take place in technology. WayBase is committed to reinvest all profits in the development of WayBase or causes that advance the message and mission of Jesus.

Is WayBase data secure?

WayBase aggregates publicly available data. Any data given to WayBase by an organization will be protected according to our Privacy Policy and applicable laws. WayBase uses industry-standard encryption developed and maintained by leading technology companies.

How will the data on WayBase be updated?

WayBase is automatically updated with any new public data about Christian charities made available by the government. It is also updated by the Christian organizations who claim their listings. Finally, it is updated as users make suggestions and these are confirmed by the organizations. WayBase also has a data team that continually looks for ways to improve and update our listings.

Are all organizations on this platform Christian?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge. WayBase asks ministries to select one of the nationally recognized Christian doctrinal statements as a part of claiming or creating their listing. WayBase acknowledges at times there may be an incorrect listing but we are committed to continually refine our listings to reflect our stated purpose and policies. WayBase reserves the right to include or exclude participation at our own discretion.

If you believe there is a listing that is missing and would fit with the stated purposes of WayBase, or if you identify a listing that should not be included, you may indicate that here.

Will WayBase one day list other religions or secular charities?

We recognize the significant contribution of charities and other socially benefiting organizations that are not identifiable as Christian in their purposes or mission. Many Christian organizations work alongside these charities and organizations as a part of their ongoing work. With that said, this specific platform is designed for Christian listings. For WayBase to achieve its vision, we are committed to remaining focused on our purpose.

Does WayBase list Christian ministries that do not have charitable status?

Yes, if a ministry clearly advances the Christian faith as its primary purpose and activity and is endorsed by a Christian ministry with charitable status, they will be able to join the platform and create a searchable listing. These ministries may include Christian media companies, new church plants, or a Christian artist or author. In our listings, we clearly distinguish between charitable organizations and other listings.

Will WayBase list for-profit businesses owned by Christians?

WayBase will only list businesses whose primary purpose is to advance the Christian faith in its activities as stated above. WayBase does not promote businesses owned by Christians, however, we commend businesses that seek to operate with the principles that Jesus teaches.

Can a Christian ministry request that its listing is removed from WayBase?

Yes. If you would like your listing removed please let us know here.

Can an organization buy a group membership to the Impact Network for a network of ministries they oversee?

Yes, this can be negotiated.

Can an organization gift another organization with membership to the Impact Network?

Yes, we hope some larger organizations will use this opportunity to gift smaller organizations in their network to participate in the Impact Network.

Is WayBase only in Canada?

Yes, at this point. Our hope is to expand to other countries in the near future.