Engage app
Available Spring 2021
Introducing the Engage app.
Bring your community together for good with the Engage app.

Be the first to know.

Go beyond gatherings.
Stay connected to your community in real-time in seasons of uncertainty and change. You can share short messages or thoughts of the day throughout the week, set up private group conversations, and highlight opportunities to help people grow.
Mobilize your mission.
Inspire your community to apply what they are learning about God. You can add suggested actions to each post you share that encourage your community to practically apply what they are learning. The Engage app also promotes local causes people can participate in to meet the real needs of your local community or city.
Share God stories.
Encourage your community to have meaningful conversations about how God is at work in your lives. You can create open community groups or private small groups so that people can support each other and share God stories from your personal lives, local community, or city.
Make growth a daily experience.
Help your community grow in their relationship with God by engaging them daily. You can help people reflect on where God is at work in the different areas of their lives and become more aware of how God is changing their lives.
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