Bringing Mission and Community Together for Good

Who we are

WayBase is an online platform that enables individuals and Christian organizations to find each other and partner together. People looking for community and meaningful ways to invest their time or resources can engage with churches and Christian ministries. Churches and ministries can gain visibility, grow their community, partner together on common goals, and show collective impact. WayBase serves all of Canada but we have big dreams of extending to other countries of the world.

What we do

WayBase hosts standardized profiles of 30,000+ Christian ministries in Canada, organizes and maps these profiles, facilitates networking among individuals and ministries, and measures their impact through identified causes. This means we help people find a community that is just right for them and causes that they can get behind. We believe it should be easier for people to join together to accomplish good and in a way that makes a measurable difference.

How we measure impact

Impact is a big idea that we take seriously. We have a long-term methodology to turn this idea into reality. WayBase is a data-driven platform designed to measure financial trends, activities, and local engagement of Christian Ministries, then compare these to identified needs in their community. We will also enable organizations to post specific causes that are designed to address key community needs. Over time, WayBase will track shifts in the level of need as well as overall indicators of health in that community. By comparing results from communities across Canada, we can more clearly see when we make a difference. Our Impact Network is compromised of organizations and individuals are committed to this process and leveraging WayBase to grow their reach, focus their efforts, and deepen their impact.

Our Impact Network

The WayBase Impact Network is a practical way we can work together as a part of realizing Jesus’ vision. Jesus gave his followers a vision for their role in the world, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14) This call to bring hope to our world continues to this day.

Members of this Impact Network:
  • Access tools that allow you to see the makeup of your community and new opportunities for partnership with other Christian ministries
  • Receive reports on our collective progress
  • Help the spiritually curious find Christian community through our digital marketing campaigns
  • Support WayBase in producing city impact reports for government leaders that show the difference Christians are making in their area
  • Support the ongoing development of WayBase as a resource
  • Are part of a community of leaders and influencers committed to making a measurable difference for Jesus

Our hope is that many churches, Christian ministries, and passionate individuals will join and help grow this Impact Network to achieve this vision together.

An Impact Network that brings the Church together for good.