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WayBase is a new platform being developed to enable Christian ministries and individuals to:

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How do I join?

WayBase does not sell advertising to cover its costs but is only made possible through low cost subscriptions to the Impact Network. We need your support.

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Who has already joined the Impact Network?

Ending Poverty
Canadian Council of Christian Charities
The Global Leadership
Alpha Canada
Evangelical Fellowship Canada
Catholic Christian Outreach
Power to Change Students
Youth Unlimited
Young Life
Faith Tech

And more.

“In this new reality of a post-Christian culture, communities of faith, like no other time, need to begin to collaborate and cooperate like never before if we are going to be able to make an impact on the communities around us and advance the Kingdom of God. Such collaboration begins with knowing about and, eventually, knowing one another. This is why WayBase and the vision of a national Impact Network is so timely. I thank God for this initiative and pray that it will flourish in every city and community in Canada.”

Fr. James Mallon

Author, Divine Renovation

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