WayBase Update
WayBase has closed permanently as of February 2023 due to financial limitations. We have appreciated the support of our partners and clients over the years and look forward to how God will water the seeds we have sown during this season.
We are in prayer about how to handle the public data we have gathered and the technology we have built. We will trust God to guide us in that discernment.
Below you will find a tiny fraction of the work we’ve accomplished over the years in hopes of sharing some of our story and celebrating the efforts of our team.
Bringing the Church together for good
WayBase gathered data and developed digital platforms that helped Christian charities work together and make a greater impact for good.
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An app for spiritual growth, not distractions
Engage helped Christian charities and churches connect with their people for deeper growth, suggest practical actions, and create space for meaningful relationships.
Simple to setup, easy to use—and no ads!
Largest database of Christian charities
WayBase was the first to gather and map all the data of the Christian sector in Canada.
We made it easy to find the organizational info for every Christian charity, as well as the programs and causes where you could work together and make a difference.
Demographic data and heat mapping
Our unique platform captured all the relevant demographic data—down to the neighbourhood level—for every city in Canada, and helped leaders uncover the greatest needs and opportunities in their city.
City Impact Tour
WayBase organized a national tour in 15 cities across Canada to connect leaders from churches, ministries, charities, and local government.
We shared data to help leaders understand the greatest needs and opportunities in their cities, and created space for them explore ways their organizations could work together to make a greater impact for good.
2021 Canadian Census Findings
The Changing Composition of Christianity in Canada
These mini reports offer insights into how the Christian and religious population in Canada has changed over the last decade.
Christianity in Canada 2011-2021
The Composition of Christianity in Canada
Religious Changes in Canada 2011-2021
Spring 2022
National survey results
The future of Christian churches and ministries
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The goal of this survey was to understand the current state of Christian charities, how they have adapted to shifting challenges, and future implications.
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